Window Cleaner Advice

Window Cleaner Advice For Customers

Here is some great advice on how to get the most out of your window clean…

Peter carefully shows his clients after he cleans some expert tips on how to prolong the life of your clean. Things like… 
1. If your not using a window for ventilation take the Flyscreens off
2. If you have dogs the lick the windows, put some white vinegar/ Vick’s Vapour rub on the glass where they lick the window to deter. 
3. Don’t water plants in pots near windows. The splashing of the water will stain the window. 
4. Adjust sprinklers so they point away from the window, this also causes glass stains
(This stuff is for free, there’s heaps more when I clean your windows!)

Refer a friend/ family or neighbour for a $30 discount off your next clean or 2 free movie tickets as a ” thank you” from us…

Need a window clean on the weekend? We offer an early morning Saturday cleaning spot once a week… This came about while offering better service to our clients who work during the week or do shift work and need the greater flexibility with appointment times … Book early to secure this coveted spot! We sometimes book our Saturday’s out 1 month in advance in the summer months…

Peter travels to Midland and the Hills of Kalamunda to Clean Windows… Areas such as Stratton, West Swan, Greenmount, and everywhere back to South Perth are covered!

It costs no more to have Peter come and visit you East of Perth…

Window cleaning expertise that you can afford!

Cheap window cleaner in Midland and the Hills area of Perth… From $120 for a regular house

Peter is a Police cleared window cleaner for your peace of mind. 

Quality or Price? Some window cleaners discount heavily to a cheap price but lower their quality … Not Peter! He offers a great price and quality with fantastic service that makes him one of the best window cleaners in Perth… Your most tursted Perth Window Cleaner!


0451 946 369 – Peter the Midland Window Cleaner


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